Seychelles Foundations

Licenced And Regulated In Seychelles

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If someone researches a Seychelles Foundation, what information will they get?

From a search at the Registry, assuming they already know the name of the IBC, they will be able find out the incorporation number, the amount of the authorized share capital, the amount of guarantee capital (if applicable), the registered agent’s name and address, the registered office of the company, whether the IBC has registered a hypothecation, mortgage or a charge, the last annual licence fee that was paid, the next annual licence fee to be paid and the status of the company (whether in good standing, struck off or dissolved etc). They would also be able to get a copy of the certificate of incorporation, the memorandum and articles and any other documents filed publicly. Normally they would not see the names and addresses of the directors, shareholders, and beneficial owners.

Law enforcement agencies and governmental bodies and the Courts can obtain all information held by the Registered Agent in Seychelles. This may include beneficial owner registers and declarations, and due diligence documents used to verify the beneficial owners’ details, and the accounting records.

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