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What information do you need on the proposed purpose or activities?

We need enough information about the specific business and activities that the IBC will undertake to be able to provide guidance as to whether it is legal or not, and whether it is allowed or not under Seychelles law and regulations. For most IBCs a short statement comprising of three or four phrases would usually be sufficient to start with.

We also need to know about the countries and regions where the IBC will operate to ensure that sanctioned countries or countries that are viewed as high risk by us and the Seychelles authorities are not or will not be part of your business. We also ask for a short statement about the source of funds to setup an IBC and to make it work.

A typical statement may be “The company will be engaged in trading activities and will also provide consultancy services in the mining and industrial equipment sectors. The targeted countries will be Ghana, South Africa, UK and Australia. The source of funds will be the personal savings of the principal shareholder” but the more information you can provide the better our assessment can be.

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