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When are your annual fees due? Will you send us a reminder?

For a Seychelles IBC the annual fees are due on the anniversary of its incorporation. If an IBC was incorporated on the 4th January 2023 the annual fees would be due each year on the 4th of January. We would need to pay the annual government fees by the 4th of January each year to avoid any late payment penalties.

If not paid on time, the IBC would incur penalties of 10% on the 5th January, to a 50% penalty 90 days later.

To help you to renew on time and to avoid penalties we send a first reminder by way of a renewal proforma invoice between 60 and 90 days before the due date. We then send renewal reminders on a monthly basis for the IBC thereafter so that you do not have to keep track – you can just act on our reminders.

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